Donations & Wish List

- SMS -

It could not be easier than this:

Simply SMS "soapkidz" to 40747

- to automatically Donate R20 to support the SOAPkidz efforts.

- CASH -

As a non-profit organisation, we function solely on sponsors, donations and volunteering. Our projects are completely dependent on available funds.

Donors are usually concerned that donations get absorbed by overheads. SOAPkidz does not have any overheads. We have no permanent staff that get paid as all volunteers and members work for free. Members and volunteers use their own vehicles and do not get refunded for the direct and indirect cost of using their vehicles. SOAPkidz does not have offices as the Director Karen Hauptfleisch runs the charity from her home. All funds donated go directly to touch the lives of the vulnerable children.

Our website is a testament to the fact that we continuously organise events for the children. As a result you can understand that money is constantly flowing out for these events. The more donations we get the more events we can organize and the more children's lives we can touch.

If you would like to help by supporting us financially, we need people like you. Remember even an amount of R30.00 per month can make a huge difference. So if you feel like it, sign a stop order with your bank for the amount you would like to sponsor us with, or donate once-off as much as you like. We thank you in advance for making a contribution

Our Banking Details:
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Hatfield
Branch Code: 011545
Number: 06 117 059 3

Tax Deductible Certificates:
For companies or individuals that require Tax Deductible Certificates, please e-mail us proof of your donation/sponsored amount and we will send you a certificate. If you donate on a monthly basis we will supply you a certificate at the end of the financial year.


The following items are urgently required:

  1. Video Camera (new or second hand)
  2. Projector (new or second hand)
  3. Laptop computer
  4. Hiking boots for kidz (new or second hand)
  5. Donations for entrance fees where events are held – usually nature reserves
  6. Food, cold drinks, snacks for the children at the events (The children are always hungry)
  7. Either a bus or money to pay for a bus for the trips
  8. Trailer to transport all the Equipment
  9. Fuel or money for fuel for transport
  10. Binoculars for the kids to do bird watching
  11. Compasses for orienteering
  12. Water Bottles
  13. First Aid Kits
  14. Mountain Bikes (new or second hand)
  15. Caps for the kids
  16. T-shirts for the kids and volunteers
  17. Sunscreen lotion
  18. Steel Tables
  19. Sleeping bags
  20. Mattresses
  21. Financial software package


If there is anything else you would like to donate, like materials for the workshops ( arts & crafts), etc. Please mail us and tell us what you would like to donate. We are always open for new ideas and projects for the children!