About S.O.A.P
(Sunrise On Africa’s Peaks )

1. Introduction

In June 2002, Karen (Noeksie) Hauptfleisch, female, born 1964 in South Africa, woke up to a passion for Africa, it’s beauty, it’s mountains, it’s natural riches and it’s abused and orphaned children… And then God spoke to her and gave her a mission . Having had no previous climbing experience, she set off on a path that would change her life forever, demanding a whole lot of guts and determination.

2. Mission

  • To Summit each of the 53 highest peaks in all of the countries in Africa.
  • To be the first South African in doing so.
  • To be the first woman in doing so.
  • To clean up the mountain areas that are accessible in doing so.
  • To start laying ground work for the SOAPkidz organization (South Africa) to spread out to the rest of Africa, and touch the lives of abused and orphaned children in Africa by showing them the magic of nature as well as their own inner potential.

3. Mountains climbed

africa mapThis map illustrates my progress to date in realising this dream of visiting the highest peaks in each of Africa's countries. I have been privileged to see the sun rise on 26 of the 54 peaks throughout Africa and am about to continue with this journey and am planning the next endeavours.

Read more about each adventure by visiting the places in the menu on the left.

4. The SOAPkidz

SOAPkidz was founded by Karen Hauptfleish in April 2005. Since then they have reached 1681 people and has picked up 592 bags of litter. As non-profit organisation, they aim to create environmental awareness and promote nature conservation amongst underprivileged and abused children.

With the help of the various outdoor activity groups - mountaineering, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking and orienteering clubs, as well as volunteers who help out with supervision, they teach these children about: nature, the preservation thereof, self preservation, life, friendship, first aid, prevention & living with HIV & AIDS, trust, loyalty, courage, communication, team work, business, marketing & social skills etc. Every activity incorporates ‘ENVIRONMENTAL CLEAN UP PROJECTS’ with a prize for the team who collects the most litter.

Since 2005, their vision of SOAPKidz has expanded to establishing other SOAPKidz organisations throughout Africa. The ultimate challenge is climbing the highest mountain peaks found on the African continent, hence the appropriately named acronym SOAP, “Sunrise on Africa's Peaks”.

For more information on their activities, volunteering, or sponsoring, visit www.soapkidz.org  

5. Challenges

SOAP is constantly challenged in many ways to get its mission fulfilled. Amongst others, the greatest challenges so far are:

  • Transport – some places are remote, and can only be reached by 4x4, plane or helicopter before climbing
  • Administrative challenges in entering countries or parks – permits and local permissions are sometimes an obstacle.
  • Gear and guides – Some places require local interpreters and carriers that need to be recruited
  • Funding - always a challenge, as SOAP has no other means of carrying out its mission

6. Outcomes

All the incidents, adventures and successes are recorded after each event. The places visited are left behind cleaner and the children whose lives have been touched are left behind happier and equipped with new skills for their futures.

It has been and continues to be a privilege for everyone, involved with SOAP and SOAPkidz.